Shape Memory Polymers: 2D to 3D Shape Geometry Project

I am working on a project with Dr. Ergun Akleman to create 3D structures from 2D structures.  I have managed to create a structure that can fold from a 2D shape to a tetrahedron.  A video of the structure unfolding is given here:  Some pictures of the structure are given below:


Shape Memory Polymer in 2D shape permanent shape that folds into the pyramid configuration.

Shape Memory Polymer Folded Into a Pyramid Shape

Shape memory polymer in 3D deformed pyramid shape

Pyramid_2 IMG_0289


2 thoughts on “Shape Memory Polymers: 2D to 3D Shape Geometry Project

  1. Hi, I am involved in some research on responsive materials and was wondering if you could share some info on the costs, sensitivities, fabrication methods, and where these shape memory polymers and alloys can be purchased from. We are trying to determine if it is feasible to use this in the creation of responsive facades. However since this is a student project the budget is quite limited and what we have heard is that these materials are quite costly. I would really appreciate any help and advice. Thank you.

  2. Hi, the shape memory polymers are made based on the paper from Xie called “Facile Tailoring of thermal transition temperature of epoxy shape memory polymers.” The paper is located here: This one is made out of three components: Epon 826, Jeffamine D230, and NGDE. Epon 826 can be purchased from Hexion for $75.00 USD for 1 quart. Jeffamine D230 can be purchased from Sigma Aldrich for $109.00 USD for 500 ml ( The NGDE can be purchased from TCI America for $112.00 USD for 500 ml ( I mix the chemicals in the ratios given in the paper. First I heat the Epon 826 to 200 C to get the bubbles out. Then I measure the appropriate amounts for the associated transition temperature of each three chemicals. You would need a vent hood to make this one. I then degas and pour into a silicone mold and cook in the oven at 100 C for 1.5 hrs, then 130 C for an additional hour. After casting the shape memory polymer, I laser cut the material into the shape I wanted. You can make quite a few shape memory polymers with this much material, but perhaps you won’t have the equipment to process them.

    There is a commercially available shape memory polymer composite called Rec’ Repair, which can be purchased here:, or if you want to find a relator in your area check this website:

    To purchase shape memory alloys, there is a very cheap material called flexinol, which is the brand name of metal alloy nitinol. You may order the flexinol here:, You can also buy a spring or you can train a SMA into a spring. For more information on training the SMA look here:

    Hopefully, this comment is helpful. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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